Where are we?

Logistically, we are in a fabulous location- smack dab in the middle of town. It's just a couple of miles to ACU, HSU, and McMurry if school related events bring you to town and a similar distance to the Coliseum and the Dodge Jones Center if events or sports are your reason for travel.  


Also, welcome to the SoDA- a lovely local coffee shop, drinks, axe throwing, and venues are literally just a block or two away.  


Seriously- what else could you ask for? 

Who we are?

Just simple, hard-working Abilene locals who have lived, worshipped, worked, and raised our children here over the past 36 years.  We love supporting local teams of all ages, businesses, and our military.  We care deeply about continuing to preserve this near century-old gorgeous building and welcome those who appreciate this little corner of repurposing.


For as long as we can remember, our home has welcomed people of all ages from various countries, so hosting people in this format seems a natural extension of this love.  It is our absolute pleasure to know you are considering staying with us.  If you determine us to be a good match for your needs, please know we will do our absolute best to make you feel loved, welcomed, and appreciated.


We adore traveling and while the "big ticket" item are fun, believe it is the seemingly small efforts of a stranger that endear a place and make you feel at home.  Thanks again for considering staying at the Abilene Warehouse.

Why you should stay here?

We've tried to think of all the extra little details that make a place special.  Some are seen, some aren't.  

Behind the scenes are new mattresses and linens.  We chose Helix and Purple mattresses based on their glowing reviews.  Each mattress is covered with an encasement and protector.  

Pillows of varying degrees of firmness are also covered with special protectors to eliminate allergens.  The protectors and ALL bedding is washed after each guest.  

We run an ozone machine with UV after each stay.  


The kitchen is decked out with plates, bowls, silverwear, glasses, and mugs for twelve and a few extra large bowls and plates for additional needs.

A Keurig, variety of K-pods, filters to make your own, coffeemaker, coffee, creamer, and an electric teakettle will hopefully get your day started off well.


What else will you find in the kitchen?  A new refrigerator, oven, microwave, KitchenAid and hand mixer, pots and pans, toaster, vegetable steamer, mixing bowls, Brita water filtering pitcher, cutting board, measuring cups and spoons, metal and glass 9 x 13 pans, jelly roll pan, whisk, spatula, knives, cheesegrater, corkscrew, candy thermometer, tongs, scissors, colander, S/P, and oil.


You may not need full laundry access, but if you do, the loft is equipped with a new washer and dryer, full size steamer, drying rack, laundry soap and pods, stain remover bar, an iron and ironing board.


Summers in West Texas are no joke, so there are mini-splits in the bedrooms with full windows (along with blackout curtains) and stand up fans for the other two.


What else?  Full length mirrors, charging cords, and lamps with USB ports throughout, luggage racks, hangers, noise machines, comfy seating, extra pillows and blankets in each bedroom. 


Bathrooms are outfitted with plenty of fluffy towels, washclothes, hand towels, makeup cloths, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  Are you still reading?  Wow, you are amazing!  You will also find an "Oh No" box in the master bathroom with a variety of hygiene items and a small sewing kit that will hopefully get you by in a pinch if you forgot or need something.  ;)  


While the loft is NOT child-proofed, we do adore little and younger ones and hope they enjoy a little collection of books, games, and activities we curated to help them pass the time.


What else do you need for your stay?  If you think of something, please do not hesitate to ask and if it is at all possible- we will try to arrange it for you.  


Thank you again for considering us for your stay.  We would be honored to host you.

Why you shouldn't stay here?

While we deeply appreciate your considering staying with us, not all homes are a good match for all groups for all occasions and we are no exception.

Probably one of the first and biggest reasons we aren't the place for everyone is the stairs.  Yep, the stairwell leading to the Loft (pictured) has thirty-two (32) steps.  There are also four steps from the ground level to the dock, two steps from the living room to the kitchen, and three steps to the shower in the master bath.


Additionally, we are a smoke, party, and pet-free property.


So, there you go.  We don't want to talk anyone out of staying here, but must be upfront and help you make the best decision for yourself and your group.


Thank you again for considering us for your stay.  We would be honored to host you.